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10 Years

serving the local community through radio anD art for the last 10 years.

We are a broadcasting radio station and venue that represent people who are serious about art. We provide a training ground and broadcasting platform for them to tell their specific stories. We give voice to the people who seem most voiceless. We accommodate for people who have special abilities. We have a sense of community that’s wider than any specific age group. We pride ourselves on creating such an intergenerational, diverse and inclusive community. We also love expanding, growing and pouring back into the pockets of our community.


Reel Rebels is a broadcasting radio station, rehearsal studio space and artistic venue space. It also offers  training programs in radio broadcasting, engineering and production. 



Reel Rebels Identity is Informative, artistic, creative, diverse, edgy, Approachable, Modern & Classic, Casual and Non conventional.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce and distribute authentic stories. It is to facilitate impeccable talent that are serious about their art and support them in their practice.

Quality, efficiency and grit is behind everything we do at Reel Rebels, we are not afraid of going against the grain. We operate our studios under a membership program which hosts some of the top tier talent that East London has to offer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to represent the bridge between the old and the new and give voice to that, through local peoples experience. Starting with our local community of stoke Newington and branching out to the nearby areas RR aims to champion stories of the unheard. 

Growth and wealth through artistic practice. Thats all you need to be interested in to be a Reel Rebel.

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