Frequently Asked Questions

can i bring my own engineer for the broadcast room?

Yes. You can bring your own engineer or you can use one of ours for a small fee.

are there any discounts?

Yes, we occasionally run campaigns througout the year where we offer our services at a discounted fee. Also we have an extensive membership, under our membership you can get up to 25% discount.

Can i come early to my appointment?

Unfortunately unless you are a member at Reel Rebels, there wont be anywhere for you to wait for your booking. You could book a workspace for the day to guarantee yourself a chair.

Can i invite a guest?

If you have booked any of our rehearsal rooms you are entitled to up to +2 guest spaces to attend with you. You have to pay an additional fee for additional guests.

what are your opening hours?

Workshops and Training : 9am-12pm

Opening times: 12pm-10pm Mon – Fri

4pm – 10pm Sat & Sun

Can i Leave my instruments?

Yes. We can keep your instruments in storage for a small fee for as long as 3 months.

Do you have music instruments?

We have a list of music equipments available at our studio. Please add your enquiries to your booking or give us a call.

Am I Ready For Radio?

We wont be able to tell you that. To find out if you are radio ready we suggest joining one of our radio programs. Fingers crossed you know how to turn a pc on.

Does my show go out live?

Yes, unless discussed otherwise your show will be going out on radio, live.

when can i come to a reel rebel event?

You can come to a Reel Rebel event once you become a member. Non-members can also come to our events but they are required to pay a fee.

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